Review by Sloof

‘When there was nothing left but us, we came together’, that’s the introduction phrase that is kept behind the cd. If you remove it from the tray, you get a little story about the foundation of Jaded Star. But besides a nice story of a ruined earth, and re-entering our planet’s atmosphere, there is much more to tell about this new band. Maxi Nil, formerly front woman in Visions Of Atlantis and On Thorns I Lay, joined forces with Raphael Saini (ex-Iced Earth, ex-Emergency Gate, ex-Chaoswave, ex-Master). Now that the lineup is complete, the elements are present, the forces are aligned, the Jaded Star is ready to shine. How does it reflect on the music of the band? Well, the debut album ‘Memories From The Future’ contains 10 tracks and I was impressed after a few spins!

‘The Mask’ opens very interesting. The musical approach is intriguing, resolute and very promising! When the vocals of Maxi Nil fortify, things change abrupt. The arrangement isn’t written in balance with her voice. She has to aim too high compared with her abilities and it results in an opposite effect. Do I dare to say that she’s close to ‘out of tune’ singing? Luckily, it seems to be a beginners fault as the next track is much more interesting and firm. ‘Wake Up’ has a much darker vocal line and her voice is also rougher, which fits better. ‘Keep On Fighting’ continuous steady with a bombastic arrangement. Some moments I had to think on a band from Belgium named Hell City. The musical ideas and the vocal chords have similarities and that’s a compliment for both bands!

‘Stars’ has an electronic start but develops into a nice song while ‘Into The End Of Time’ is much slower, darker and heavier! Awesome!! ‘Healing The Inner Child’ is an average track and the only cool elements are the guitars of Kosta Vreto who adds a screaming and shredding touch to the song. ‘You’ll See’ has a slow pace and because the vocals are again in a higher region, it’s close to a borderline. Same goes for ‘In Memory’ where Maxi flirts with her limitations (again). The final two tracks on this album have a progressive touch and influence and both lift the quality to a higher level.

Jaded Star is a band with a very nice debut album, but at this point, this can evolve and develop within short time. If the songs are written in balance with the skills of the vocal chords of Maxi Nil, we could be surprised about the next release. As long as the vocals are ‘within their range’, everything is just fine, and that’s exactly what the band must take into account. ‘Memories From The Future’ is a wonderful first step, but there is much more to explore from this band in the future, as long as they respect their limitations! https://www.facebook.com/jadedstarofficial

My rating: 84/100 (Between 80 and 89: Good in its own genre, recommended for those hooked on it)